First Time Applicants - Vintage 2022

Location: Cellar
Posted on: 24 August 2021

Our goal is to set people up with skills so they can return year after year and make the Wine Industry a long term career choice.

The following positions are now available for new starters:

Crusher Team Member are responsible for crushing the freshly delivered grapes and ensuring they are correctly transferred to various areas in the winery. They will perform a range of duties including:

  • Using a crane to tip individual grape bins into crusher hoppers
  • Communicating with the Crush Press Team Leaders and Team Members
  • Co-ordinating the flow of crushed grapes to the Press and fermenting areas
  • Chemical cleaning of the crushers
  • Completing wine additives additions at the Crusher

Press Team Members are responsible for extracting the juice from each grape without compromising on Quality of the fruit.  This is a great role for people who like to operate smart technology.  They will perform a range of duties including:

  • Programming and Operating the Press Manifold
  • Emptying (Jetting) wine ferments to presses
  • Transferring juice and wine
  • Performing wine additions, checking tank levels and taking samples
  • Setting and cleaning tanks, lines and fitting

Clarification Team Members are responsible for filtering the impurities from the grape juice. They will perform a range of duties including:

  • Monitoring solids, wine/juice clarity, and flow rates
  • Transferring of juice and wine using pumps
  • Operating Clarification equipment such as Centrifuge, Xflows, Floatator, and RDV
  • Setting and cleaning tanks, lines and fittings
  • Following work note instructions

Additions/Finings and Yeast Team Members are responsible for the application of wine additives using exact measurements, to get the best out of our juice. They will perform a range of duties including:

  • Operation of the additions tub to complete wine additive and finings additions
  • Cleaning additions tub and tank lines and fittings
  • Using measuring equipment and flow metres to ensure accuracy of wine additives/finings
  • Recording yeast cultures and additions and finings usage
  • Making yeast cultures and warming yeast tanks and juice
  • Recording of data in the yeast culture folder
  • Use of ultrasonic bath to clean cinters
  • Transferring wine

General Cellar and Tanker Team Members are responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the cellar, performing wine despatch, participating in good housekeeping, and meeting required timelines. They will perform a range of duties including:

  • Oak Removal
  • Assisting Additions / Fining teams
  • Transferring juice / finished wine and loading Tankers for wine despatch
  • Setting and cleaning tanks, lines and fittings
  • Splash and returns - aerating wine

To be successful in for these roles you will need to be able to communicate to us how you fulfill some of the following skill sets.

  • You like working in a social team environment, you have sound communication, literacy and numeracy skills
  • You like to be organised and are great at having multiple things on the go at once
  • You are physically fit, you enjoy the outdoors and regular exercise 
  • You have basic computer skills and can follow touch screen directions 
  • You might have a good general mechanical aptitude - you might like to know how things work
  • You have good hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • You have the ability to follow instructions, procedures and safe work practices and you want to get the job done the right way
  • You may be familiar with manual handling and like to do things the safe way
  • You might have some experience driving heavy machinery or a High Risk Work LF Forklift Licence 
  • You are able to work on a rotating roster of Day, Afternoon and Night Shifts

If you believe you have what it takes to fulfill the requirements of one or more of these roles, click the Apply Now button. 

Candidates will be required to participate in pre-employment fitness for work assessment and drug and alcohol screening as part of the recruitment process.  

Zilzie Wines conducts on-site blanket and random Drug and Alcohol Testing. 

Zilzie Wines is located approximately a 20-minute drive from Mildura at our Karadoc Winery Site.

Candidates will need to have the right to live and work in Australia and/or hold the relevant Working Holiday VISA. 

Zilzie is a fluid company filled with and by amazing people in harmony with our customers. 

Proudly leading in excellence of quality and service.